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6 Self-Care Tips That Will Make YOU Glorious this Holiday Season

We Tubbies already know that self-care should be part of our everyday routine.  But over the holidays - with all its triggers, food, drink, and relationships - it feels like we need to grab our girl commitment by the hand and have a sit down. “Girl, don’t you quit on me!” 


how do you commit to your self care even through the holiday season?


So how do we maintain our commitment to self-care and still enjoy our holidays? How do we stay committed when everything is triggering ALL of our old and bad habits? 

Here are some things you can do as part of your holiday self-care routine!

Increase Your Water Intake

  • Increase the amount of water you drink! Double or triple your intake. Water keeps you hydrated and will help flush out toxins. It is also really great for the skin. 
  • During the holidays, I do indulge in wine more than any other time. I make a ritual of keeping a hydro flask of water by my bed and fill it twice a day. However, over the holidays, I fill it four times a day. 
  • Because I know I will be drinking wine and other delicious holiday cocktails, water is the only other thing I will drink. For example, I will have water with my lunch instead of a Coke or any other beverage. 

Get More Sleep

  • Naps are a great way to make up for not getting enough sleep. A 20-minute nap is a great refresher. 
  • Getting eight hours of a good night's sleep can be a challenge. When you have a house full of guests, your sleep schedule can get out of whack. 
  • I, for one, have a small apartment. When my parents come to visit, I can't sleep properly until they leave. Taking nap breaks during the day is a big help! 

So where can you find a space to nap when your house is full, you ask? 

  • Ride the train to work and take a nice one-hour nap on the way in. 
  • Schedule a massage and take a nap on the table. You don’t even have to leave the house to get a massage. You can schedule a massage via the Soothe app, and a masseuse will come to your house!  


  • You don’t need to get to a gym to get your exercise. Count your steps! I walk 30 minutes every day at a minimum. 
  • You can invest in a Fitbit or use your smartphone to keep track of your steps. Many of the new smartphones are equipped with step counters. Look in your settings to turn on this feature. 
  • Physical activity is number one because it reduces stress, improves mood and concentration, and combats depression. Exercise is essential! 


I encourage you to adopt this if it is not part of your routine. If this is something you already practice, don’t drop this!  

I pray all the time: in my tub...on my knees... in line at the mall! 

It’s hard to get in your tub time when you have houseguests and not enough bathrooms for each one. I try to wake up an hour before everyone else does and take a bath. In my tub, I pray my rosary for the day, and it helps to keep my moods even throughout the day. 

If you can figure out a way to get just 20 minutes of alone time in your tub, the benefits of that experience will enhance your holiday cheer!  

Initiate Gift Giving

It’s so important to develop a mindset of gratitude and giving. The holidays are just perfect for giving. Giving or sharing is a great way to connect with others.  

You don't need to spend a fortune on gifts. Bake holiday cookies and share them, braid someone's hair, write a letter sharing how you appreciate them, volunteer your time, be of service or share your talents with others. 

I’ve made a commitment to make a list of everyone who has made a positive impact on me this year. I want to determine what gift I can give or how I can be of service to them. My list includes my son, as well as the guy who helped me carry my heavy shopping out to my car, or anyone who comes to mind. 


I am a photographer, and I take pictures all year. Over the holidays, I frame and send those photos as gifts to the people in the photos. Especially for my friends who have it all — there is nothing I can afford to buy them — I try to be of some service to them. Many are touched and surprised!

Our 6-Packs make a perfect gift for relaxation. 

This year, especially with all the immigration issues in this country, many families (including young children) won’t be together — including me with mine. It’s important that we find ways to show someone we care.  

Write in a Holiday Gratitude Journal

  • It’s easy to feel sorry for yourself or lonely over the holidays, especially if you live alone and are not able to be around family. Don’t succumb to feelings that don’t empower you. 
  • Don’t be intimidated by those gorgeous and staged images on Instagram! Don’t look at those magazines and movies designed to manufacture holiday cheer. 

    • If you haven’t yet achieved your goals, the holidays can be triggering. Don't ask yourself ”When will I?” because that’s passive, and it means you’re waiting for life to happen to you. Take control! Ask yourself, ”How CAN I?” and you’ll see everything change. 
    • No one has a perfect relationship or life and there is no need to wish you had what you think someone else has. Focus on achieving what you have vision boarded. Don’t spend time dwelling on fake social media lives. 


    1. Keep hydrated
    2. Exercise
    3. Protect your sleep...
    4. Lean on meditation & prayer 
    5. Don't leave YOU off your gift giving list.
    6. Keep a Journal - Reflect on what you have to be Grateful For

    The holidays can be an emotional time for many and we want you to know that you are not alone! How can we be of support to you this holiday season? 

    Do you need someone to talk to? Do you need a friend? We are here. Let’s circle around each other this holiday season. 

    What are some of your self-care routines? Please share! We would love to know.  

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