Staying Home? Here are Some Virtual Events that Make you Smart, Happy or Healthy - You Decide the Vibe

Staying Home? Here are Some Virtual Events that Make you Smart, Happy or Healthy - You Decide the Vibe

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In the past few weeks, several heroes have emerged from this global pandemic: 

  • health care workers
  • essential staffers including your post office lady, the grocery store employees, the wine store barista  
  • and YOU staying home doing your part to flatten the curve. 

But the most unexpected hero has been — the video chat and virtual communities. 

Can we all just agree that we would be 100% worse off if we couldn't see our fam, friends, instructors, teachers, and (dates?) on our screens right now?

We have compiled a list of virtual gatherings some essentials to keep you thriving through these days:  

D - NICE Club Quarantine (

A virtual dance part hosted on Instagram by DJay D-Nice. Follow his account at  for a good time the whole family can enjoy together.

Essence - Wellness House (

African Americans have had the highest fatalities during this pandemic. Essence Wellness House focus is on health and wellness for people of color. Hear from key figures in the African American community as they speak on health and wellness issues relevant to factors African Americans need to consider. 

Free Online Classes - Want to come out of this pandemic a little bit smarter? Try a free online course from the renowned Harvard Univesity. Harvard is offering some courses free online -

New Social Networks to Explorer Tired of Facebook and Instagram and looking for new networks to connect or make new friends? Try Tik Tok or Skits. If music and dance is your vibe, learn how to do Tik Tok dances by downloading the App. What to get paid for being social - posting photos, making and sharing videos, try Skits a network that pays its users for being social.  

Keeping up with your favorite celebrities - Lady Gaga is partnering with Global Citizen and the World Health Organization to launch One World: Together at Home. Catch it live on Saturday, April 18, or watch the rebroadcast on your favorite streaming Network. 

Free online Museum tours

Improve your musicalityWith so much time at home, you might have the time to learn a new instrument or learn those chords for that song you've meant to try on your piano, guitar, ukulele, drumset, etc. :

Learn anything with your own Personal Tutor Learn or teach a new skill with a personal tutor, everyone is at home and working online. You could practice or learn a new language, you can learn how to play chess, you can learn how to do yoga all with a tutor who's experienced at a skill of your choice. Check out

Cooking  - Whip up a storm with whatever you have in your pantry using Supercook: This App makes what's for dinner a breeze. 

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