What’s for dinner? How you can turn a long day into a good night!

What’s for dinner? How you can turn a long day into a good night!

On the surface, serving deep-fried chicken for dinner might not seem like self-care, but sometimes it is.

On Mondays I commute into the city for my full-time job (aka my investor). I love going into the city. However, as a mom of a sixteen-year-old boy, long hours away from home do not always sit well with my soul.

Supervised summer activities are not always an option for my son because we live in the suburbs. Suburban kids have to be driven everywhere. Public transportation is not an option. This is a challenge if you’re a single parent working 30 miles away from home.

My son is home alone often, and he’s armed with a phone, internet access, and 14.5 hours of unsupervised time. There is a lot he can get into when he’s home by himself!

But, despite all these challenges -- in business they are called opportunities -- I ended my day with a win! I scored big at the dinner table!

If you are lucky enough to have New York City only 30 miles away -- opportunity -- you know that you are spoiled with choices when it comes to finding affordable dinner places that serve great food. I am grateful for my local restaurants, but occasionally my palate needs an upgrade.

Tonight, I turned a long day into a great night with deliciously awesome fried chicken from Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken.

Located in Manhattan/East Village on 28 East First Street, I picked up takeout on my way home.
I arrived home at 9:00 P.M. My son was excited to see me -- or was it that he was just starving, and he loves the chicken from Blue Ribbon? Anyway, I digress. He ran to the door to greet me -- or was it to grab the bag of chicken? I digress.

We sat at the dinner table and talked about our day. Our collective self-care was us connecting through our conversations at the dinner table.
I am grateful I was able to take care of our needs both financially (with my job/ investor) and emotionally (with a sit-down meal). I am grateful for that fried chicken that nourished our bodies and filled our evening with laughter.

What’s on the table
BBQ Bowl - Skip everything except the red cabbage.
2 Piece Dark - Drumstick & thigh upgraded with sweet potato fries.

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