Visualize the things you want to be true!

Visualize the things you want to be true!

Imagine you’re in your dream house. It has an outdoor bath tub or shower and you could do ANYthing with ANYone for 24 hours. There are no limits! What would you do?

I'd spend the day designing with one of the best streetwear designer VIRGIL ABOH. I get a lot of inspiration for my work from his brand OFF-WHITE. He is the first American of African descent to be named artistic director at a French luxury fashion house - Louis Vuitton. He stands out for me in that he believes his talent lies not in creating something wildly original but in altering an existing item by roughly 3 percent to make it new.

This guiding principle I apply to the products I make. The fundamentals are the same - like all bath bombs mine are formulated with baking soda and citric acid -  but I switch things up by adding something new -unique melange of fragrance and oils - or something unexpected - cocoa butter hearts in the center. A bath tub in the house is not new but a bath tub on an outside deck is. It's fresh and unexpected. 

What would you do on this perfect day on this perfect rooftop? Who inspires you creatively? 

📸 : @susnpusen

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