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Balm Stories

  • 6 Self-Care Tips That Will Make YOU Glorious this Holiday Season

    How do we maintain our commitment to self-care and still enjoy our holidays? 

  • Trick or Treat?How Halloween can be good for your mental well being

    Halloween can be good for your mental well being if you follow these tips for self-care. The best part of Halloween is you can end an evening of trick-or-treating with a well deserved indulgent soak.

  • What do you do when you are one of the oldest moms on the playground?

    Are you stressed about entering the mom game late in life? Relax...there isn’t one right path to motherhood.  We look at some of the pluses of being a more mature mom. 

  • Self Care Subscription Service

    Because the daily grind can be so hectic, it's easy to forget that you are a Queen! Don’t you think it’s time for you to commit to a self-care rout...
  • What’s for dinner? How you can turn a long day into a good night!

    Don't let a long workday kill your vibe. We sat at the dinner table and talked about our day. Our collective self-care was us connecting through our conversations at the dinner table.
  • Visualize the things you want to be true!

    Imagine you’re in your dream house. It has an outdoor bath tub or shower and you could do ANYthing with ANYone for 24 hours. There are no limits! What would you do?

  • Highlights From Essence Festival

    Essence put on a great show! See photos from our Essence Festival Adventure. Want to learn more about vending at Essence? Drop us an email. 
  • Can Yoga Make Your Business Better?

    Beginner-friendly Yoga moves to help you destress and focus
  • Macy Gray's New Album Has Songs to Lift Your Mood

    Looking for great bath time music? Check out the latest release from singer and songwriter Macy Gray.